Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Rhythm of Life- Thank You, Dad

My father’s faith is one of the greatest gifts he gave me. Over the last several decades, I watched him live his faith more each day. I heard him speak more boldly about his devotion to God whom he loved. I saw him mellow with gentleness not just with age but with wisdom that comes from that relationship. Simply, I watched him become more like Jesus, the ultimate desire of every Christian.

His dedicated fatherhood and faithfulness as a husband are also tremendous gifts that will forever continue to change my life.

Beyond these outward gifts, there are many others he gave, equally intangible, that add up to making him a very great man.

There is one gift that makes me think of him and see him everyday:
his love of jazz. It flowed with the fount of life through his veins. It was in his whistle, his smile and laughter, his foot tapping and brushing on the snare, and in the bounce of his step.

Now that I understand how music is at the center of every living cell, his love of jazz (and many other music genres) passed down to me is even more appreciated. I didn’t have to search for the rhythm of life. It was introduced to me daily as I grew up so that I easily connected the life of the world outside with the life inside. And it continues to carry me with every breath.  Thank you, Dad.

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