Monday, August 5, 2013


In the last hours of Dad’s life on earth, he did not respond to our attempts at communication. His eyelids didn’t quiver. His hands didn’t flinch. We could feel his heart steadily beat. We watched his chest move up and down with each breath that he inhaled. And exhaled.

And when it was his time, he quietly took his last breath.  A minute or so later, his strong heart remained still.

God breathed life into man at creation.
Breath is passed from mother to child.
We take our first breath at birth.
One breath leads to the next.
No breath is separated from any other breath.
One stops, the next begins, each dependent on the other, until they cease altogether.

Man is but a breath. Without it we are nothing.

Give thanks for breath that is Life.

August 5, 2013

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Diane said...

Beautiful words, Cheryl.
Problem is, your words always tug at my heart, and make me cry.
That's Ok, though, I needed a good cry today.
God has the final say in all we do.

Cheryl Wills said...