Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Song in Mom's Heart

When my mother was a teenager she used to fling open her upstairs bedroom window while cleaning. She'd take breaks from her Saturday chores to stand at the opening and sing to the world at the top of her voice. She knew one day a talent scout would pass by and she would be discovered!

Well, no talent scout made it to her South Philly neighborhood. But there's always been a song in my mom's heart. She couldn't keep it hidden and she kept singing.

I don't remember that Mom had an especially great voice while I grew up. But I do remember that when I stood by her in church, I could hear a voice whose wellspring truly was the heart.

In the late 60s, Mom discovered Christian praise and worship music. Well, everyone discovered it because Praise and Worship songs were new to us all. That's when I began to hear her sing more around the house. And she has ever since.

My mom is a very spiritual person. I mean, she is very much in touch with the presence of her Creator within. When she sings songs of praise, it is because of her relationship with Him. And the songs are not only her prayers, they are an expression of who she is in Him.

I am sad now. Mom has been in the hospital since October 8. She has not had the energy or motivation to lift her voice in song to the One she loves. She has not had the uplifting joy of singing with His people as they gather to worship. I believe this is one more thing - like depression over losing Dad so recently - that is negatively impacting her ability to recover.

Oh, Mommy. I can't bring Daddy back. But if I were with you I would sing praise songs and hymns to you everyday. And even though my voice is not especially great either, I just wonder if hearing the music that has spoken to you and that your heart has spoken for so many years, would help you re-connect. Reconnect? Yes - to the reflection of Divine Love that lives brightly in your heart, and which is your own song.

I love you, Mommy.

Elaine Foster - Thanksgiving 2012

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