Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Regrets; Missing Dad

Pretty much my entire adult life I’ve lived away from my parents. In fact, only in my late teens and then again from 28 to 30, did I live there. The last 33 years I’ve been the furthest from the place they made home. 

And because of those geographical distances, I never had a chance to spend much alone time with my dad to discuss things of the heart.

Based on his expressions of life, I think his heart was full of Wisdom. His personality didn’t allow him to verbally express his heart very often. But I have always thought that if we had some good quality alone time, our reflections would reveal that deep inside we had so very much in common.

I can just visualize how sweet the conversations would look and sound. Lots of serious tones interspersed with laughter while sharing the depths we had both reached with our God. And I would be all the wiser for those times.

I miss those moments we did not have. I miss you, Dad.

July 21, 2013

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Diane said...

I loved this Cheryl! I am sure you would have had some wonderful heart to hearts. Just don't forget you still can. You write so beautifully, your Dad would be proud.

Cheryl Wills said...

Thank you, Diane, for your kind thoughts and encouragement. You are right, I still can have those heart to hearts.