Saturday, May 25, 2013

You've Always been Daddy to Me

 ( a letter to my dad on his 80th birthday)
Dear Daddy,

We have a picture taken of you and me on Crispin Street. You have just gotten home from work, probably having walked from the trolley stop through the woods. I remember that every night I watched for you coming out from the trees. Your white shirt sleeves are rolled up, revealing lean and muscular arms, and you are holding a thermos under your arm. In the photo you’re squatting eye level
with me. I am about 3-1/2 or 4 years old and I’m on roller skates. We are both smiling broadly as we pose for the shot. I’m fairly certain that picture captured a typical daily occurrence and it’s evident that I am filled with all the joy a young child could contain.

That very image ingrained itself in my young memory as an example of what a daddy is: strong, caring, smiling, greeting, providing for his family, always there.

I am deeply grateful to God for choosing to bless me with you and Mom as parents. You have always been an example of a person who lives by their convictions and morals. You have never been one to live by the rule of “do as I say not as I do.” You have always worked hard to provide a beautiful home for your family, food on the table and many, many extras in life. You are a man who loves God with your whole heart. And I have been blessed to watch your walk with Him grow closer every year. You are steadfast and dependable. You are kind, loving and giving. And you are forgiving.

You are everything a child could ever ask for in a father. You are an example of a father who is truly a daddy. And you have always been Daddy to me.

I am sad not to be able to join in the wonderful celebration of your 80 years on this earth. But I know you understand how circumstances often determine our actions, so that we often do not have what we really want.  You know that I am with you in heart as friends and family celebrate that God has blessed us with you.

Happy Birthday, Daddy.

My prayers are always with you for God’s continued blessing of joy in you that you share with others.


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